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With a working slogan of offering a 5D technology for our all Comtech (Commercial Technology) products, we are trying our best every day to deliver delight, decentralize, desire, distinct digital platforms that are going to be dominant trends for the new decade . Regarding this, we offer a D-Share Platform in which each user is a shareholder of our business outcome! D-Share Platform is firmly correlated to our D-app, which is developed to be a solution platform for major businesses in the market, such as Hotel and Real Estate renting, E-commerce and other financial services that are coming shortly.

Our expertise


D-Shares is the platform for sharing our values to all customers. Each customer can become our shareholder, get shares that its value is increasing regarding our business outcome


Offer a platform for diversity of goods and products from several suppliers! Convenient CMS platform to deal with order!

Real Estate and Hotel
Real Estate and Hotel

Offer a sharing Platform where property owners can list their asset for rent and sale. No fee at all in the initial stage!


D-app is developed to be a solution platform for major businesses in the market, such as Hotel and Real Estate renting, E-commerce and other financial services that are coming shortly.

Why choose D - Shares?

Delight Decentralized Technology PTE. LTD - the developer company of Dapp application is now giving an opportunity to all App-users to become App-owners. Beside using all features of the app freely, users can get income from them in an equal way to app developer team. How? The developer company allows users to own company share, by which, anyone who possess shares can be shared 80% profit from all platforms of the app, such as e-commerce, video conferences, advertisement. Share-owners also have rights to give proposal, experience lastest technical achievements and build up strategy for developing company.
After 8 months holding Shares, shareholders can transfer maximum 50% of their Shares to anyone else. Moreover, Shares can be heritaged to family members.
After reaching 10 million users, the company will launch an IPO - to offer stocks to the public.

We aim at providing an e-commerce platform for retail shop owners so that they can introduce their products and services to our clients. Several goods will be listed in our site without any fee at the initial stage! Convenient and modern payment methods! Just come, register and join us!


Total Des for Sale

Stage 1: 2 million Share - Stage 2: 3 million Share - Stage 3: 4 million Share
Dtechno ROI

Are you a property owners? You want to rent your Hotel or sell your land-asset? Why don’t you list your assets to our app and approach our app users community as your potential customers? No listing fee is charged in the initial development stage! Just contact us to know how!

Dapp Pro is a multi-featured mobile super application platform with the difference that it is completely decentralized - allowing users to provide their own products and services (in accordance with the conditions and regulations of the law). It is based on two basic principles: Super satellite – allowing users to choose sellers/suppliers by priority from near to far and Big Data – Integrating multiple user files on 1 application, so that one user file can be a potential customer of the other.
Dapp Pro offers outstanding entertainment features such as:
- Social network with specialized trending video channel
- Latest news
- Unlimited Livestream, reaching all users on Dapp
- Online meeting is easy to use, user-friendly, meeting even with low network speed
Our fields of providing solutions range from real estate / houses for rent – to online shopping, restaurant business, coffee shop, etc.
Dapp Pro aims to build a cashless payment method for businesses on the application.
We operate under the phylosophy: Not only to help customers increasing revenue, but also help to develop people - for a community of sellers / suppliers as well as users to keep up with 5D technology trends, help to create jobs for millions members and lead members to become global citizens and have a prosperous life.